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Heart of Gold - Ten


Note: Thanks for sticking with this fic for months and months. It wasn’t the easiest to write, but I’m glad it’s finished the way it has, though some of you didn’t agree with the ending the first time I posted it. It’s the ending I wanted and set out to achieve. Let me know what you think, please.

That smile… It was his saving grace. This wouldn’t end the way he wanted it to, he could tell, but he could try. He would try.

Harry stepped forward, pulled Evie to him, and took her lips with his own – fed from her like she was breathing, as if he could do nothing else, as if kissing her was as necessary as drawing in oxygen. He cradled her face in his hands and he meant to do it gently, but he knew that he was failing because she whimpered into his mouth. When he went to withdraw his hands, however, hers grabbed hold of his and pushed him hard into his flat, her body stumbling forward with him. As soon as the door slammed shut behind them, her hands were back on him and then he couldn’t think at all.

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I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, my life is going at 100 mph atm…

But A, thank you for being such a talented human being who pens unidealized narratives of life and love, with a great side of Hevie. The ending was, I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it was written very well. I’ll get back to you if I can describe it.

You inspire the fanfic writer inside of me.

I just really need to get a-crackin’ or… a-writin’.

Anyways, all my followers, read this. It’s just an amazing piece of work.

Chapter 1: Quickfire

Note: New, improved, and better quality. Did my rehaul and fixed everything that needed to be fixed. I’ve written five chapters already, and I want to at least try to be ahead so I can post consistently.

“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.”


Dejected, desolate, heartbroken?

If she needed to sum up her life right now, those would be the million dollar words. She picked up her purse, along with countless other folders with papers of things that she didn’t even know of. Alphabetize this, organize that, the voice in her head mocked the reporters she was working for. Only six months ago, she was hoping that this job would get her somewhere. It was supposed to be a filler position, something to raise her higher on the career ladder. And she thought about it some more: she was definitely worth more than whatever the hell she was doing. Her degrees should have at least put her on a higher rung on this career hierarchy. She was a lawyer for fucks sake. Diving headfirst into journalism shouldn’t have been this excruciating… Fuck fuck fuck…

She left the building in a hurry, wanting to get away from the reminders of her beleaguering stress…

L.A. was new to her too, spending most of her time abroad, she didn’t know what it was like. She didn’t know what it was like to be here in America and feel like she belonged. She felt like a foreigner in her own country…

Nina began to question her own existence. Stupid job.

Did all of the choices she make lead up to this? A little convincing from Maia to share an apartment, moving to L.A., taking up journalism, studying for this long?! It was like every single answer to her questions was hammering on the insides of her brain, leaving her with an undoubtable migraine…

Maybe she was an idealist? Or a perfectionist? She’d probably never admit that out loud, but she maintained that her ambition was a fire that would always burn inside her. As poetic as she could get, Nina thought that her life was like “a comet blazing through the galaxy.” She knew she had what it takes to be mindblowingly successful. Fuck this shit, I’ll show them what I’m capable of.

Then and there, she made a decision. A re-dedication. As Nina was walking to meet Maia at her work, she made a promise to herself. She was going to single-handedly turn this around.  I’m going to persevere through all of this shit, prove it to all of them. I am a mother fucking somebody. Her inner monologue had a potty mouth that barely resembled her actual life. She knew she had her own “Sasha Fierce.”

“NINA,” Maia called. She barely made it through the door as her perky best friend made her way from the bar. She had a tray in her hand while she half hugged Nina.

“Hey M,” she said. With Maia being the best friend that she was, she knew that Nina’s half-hearted “Hey” had more depth to it.

“Grab a seat, real quick, I’ll be done with this shift in about a half-hour.” Maia replied as she made her way around the almost empty bar. Maia worked as a part-time waitress as she worked as a part-time actress, waiting to land her big gig.

“Will do,” Nina affirmed as she walked to the bar to watch Maia work,


“FUCK.” Sidetackled by a blonde with five drinks. Foul called by the invisible referee. There goes all my assignments… The folder Nina was holding exploded like a manila piñata filled with work confetti.

Nina turned to take a good look at the culprit. “Nice going, slick,” Holding her piercing gaze while hurriedly picking up her files and leaving the scene of the crime.

“Aw, shii…” Before Niall could say anything else, she gazed down on him with a pernicious fire that struck him dumbfounded. She left within seconds. He didn’t even get the chance to say “Sor…ry…

Confused at the quick turn of events, Niall shook his head and continued where he left off, still thinking of those eyes… 

Damn. It was only a few seconds, but he was pretty sure those hazel eyes would be something he would remember. They didn’t send shivers down his spine, it was different. It was worse. It burned. Then again she did look pissed. But it wasn’t just that. Something unexplainable? Something about her? He shook his head and dismissed the stupid thought. He’d probably never see her again.

He walked back to the lads with their championed drinks.

Sneak Peek!

Note: This probably sounds completely unoriginal, but whatever. I’m having intense Niall feels right now. IDGAF.


Niall was deciding to pull off his makeshift blindfold when Nina quickly appeared to his side like lightning. A now carnal tension filled the air as she touched his arm, sending an electric charge throughout his body.

“WAIT.” Nina exclaimed. She edged closer to him. Her lips were barely touching his ear, almost making him moan at how close she was…

“You are on lockdown for the next 24 hours, you hear?!” She whispered suggestively.

Niall definitely sensed where she was going with this. He smiled, his mind immediately jumping to a raunchy place.

He tried to pull it off as if he didn’t understand what she was saying. 

“But I have plans with the lads tomorrow.” He pouted playfully.

She purred in his ear like a tigress. “Then no present for you…” Nina said cockily…

And I just realized.

That writing a fanfiction is hard.

For me at least, because I have so many ideas, and I just want to incorporate all of them…but then it’d be too much of an overload. I have to stay organized with my plotlines, since I’ve been winging it. EXCUSE MY NOOB SELF.

I’ve looked back at the first two chapters that I wrote, and I abhor them. It’s just bleh. I had this great idea and I just wanted it to flow into words, but it came out different as I expected. Even though I tweaked things here and there…

Maybe I’m being overtly critical of myself?!
Or maybe it’s because I’m so busy that I can’t focus?!
MEH, I’m so annoyed, because I just want things to be alright…

GAH, don’t mind my impertinent ranting…
I’m not even that far into it yet… 

Anywho, as for an update on things.

I’m still overseas, there’s an unexpected whirlwind trip to the U.K. looming over my near future. Working things out, so my stars will align for that trip. I haven’t been home since early June, and I’m absolutely loving the places I’m going to. Singapore is breathtaking and Boracay is the epitome of paradise. The Philippines has been good to me, except for the one case of food poisoning. Lots and lots of adventures, as I’m filling my insatiable craving of wanderlust. I’ll be home by mid August, just in time for my first day of classes.

As for fanfiction related things, Chapter 3 is on the way. And so is a one-shot. Writing things here and there when I catch time. The one shot will probably be done by the weekend, and Chapter 3 will be out (HOPEFULLY) by that time, or around that time (I know, I know, it’s been too long, and I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to get these out on a consistent basis, it’ll be better when I’m finally home and getting back into my mundane routine of life). I realized that I loved the way that I wrote my Prologue compared to the Chapters I’ve written so far (since the other two read boring to me), so I’m going to try to emulate elements of what I did there onto my new material. Sorry for inserting that last minute quibble.

On a lighter note, I hope all of you beautiful people are doing lovely! And hello to my new followers! I love you! Welcome to my quasi-diehard-obsessive One Direction blog!